I fell in love with motorcycles from a very early age, which is strange considering there is no real history of racing or motorbikes in my family. I put it down to the fact that my father had an old Honda and used to tinker with it in the garden when I was a child. I was fascinated seeing him take the carburetor apart, meticulously clean everything and then reassemble all the parts and fire it back up. He taught me about the mechanics of the engine, how the clutch and brakes clutch worked (not just the levers) and I had my first attempt at riding at about the age of 12 - a short ride that ended with both the bike and me in the fishpond. Undeterred, I got my first moped at 16, passed my test just after my 17 th birthday and took proud ownership of a second hand XT500.

A couple of years later I was camping at Silverstone and heard a sound that changed my life - the unique and beautiful sound of a Ducati Pantah. I couldn’t afford one at the time, but I knew I had found my marque. Since then I have owned many Ducatis including the iconic 916, 996, 998s, the MH900, a Paul Smart Replica and my beautiful Foggy Replica (now in my studio), with an 848 Evo in the garage.  

Whilst my friends spent their college summers earning money in café’s, I was a motorcycle courier doing a degree in art and I felt sure that my future career would have some connection with bikes. Not quite so, I was offered a job at the BBC, a once in a lifetime opportunity. For 10 years I immersed myself in the fascinating world of filmmaking and motorbikes had to become a passion that fitted around my work.

After winning a BAFTA, I was offered the chance to direct television commercials and it was around this time that I began to take on private painting commissions. As a freelance director I would be away for intense blocks of time, but once a shoot was over I would have a few weeks between projects and this often allowed me enough time to complete a painting. When time was limited due to a new script already in discussion I would work on a personal canvas that had no deadline and therefore could be stopped and started as I chose. All of these individual pieces were subsequently sold to private buyers.

When I’m not away filming or painting in the studio, I’m usually riding. Occasionally it’s the ultimate thrill of being pillion to Randy Mamola on the one and a half seat MotoGP bike, but as a rule it’s my 848 Evo for track days and trips across Europe, and my KTM 690 is perfection in the Alps and the twisty Dorset roads.