Classic Spa (with too many wheels)

Classic Spa (with too many wheels)

Just had a Surprisingly great weekend in Belgium recently, I say surprisingly as it involved 4 not 2 wheels..?

I went to the Spa Classic car weekend in my 1957 MGA, or the noddy car as I call it.  It was a great two days hanging out with all the millions of pounds worth of classic machinery all topped of with some “alarmingly competitive”  parade laps in front of the crowds on the famous Spa Francorchamps race track.

Ex car racer hubbie was about as ridiculously excited as it is possible to be, I think he only got about 3 hours sleep during the entire weekend, I didn’t see him blink once we got to the circuit and I think he may have actually wet his pants as we waited to launch ourselves down towards the best bend on any race track anywhere in the world.., Eau Rouge...

Whilst it was a truly ace weekend, I couldn’t help thinking that Eau Rouge needs to be done on 2-wheels and I’m definitely coming back here on the Ducati 848 for a track day..!

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