Horse Power

In memory of a star that stopped shining at only 47 years old.

Emily was a great friend and she died at an age when we can easily overlook the need to make a will or provision for those we love as we naturally assume we will be alive for many decades to come. Emily's passion and true love was her beautiful Andalusian stallion "Farina" and his future was not provided for.

I made this charcoal drawing for her memorial service. It was my way of portraying the spirit of a wonderful person and a study that captured the incredible bond between a human being and her amazing horse, they were inseparable.

After her death we set up 'The Farina Fund' and the entire proceeds from the sale of these prints contributed towards his upkeep, together with financial pledges from a group of her friends.

Farina has sadly passed away, however the proceeds will now go to one of Emily's favourite chartities 'World Horse Welfare'