'Every Boy's Hero'

'Every Boy's Hero'

About the charcoal study

Giacomo Agostini on a flying lap at the TT, riding his exquisite MV Augusta.

Do you remember the play ground arguments, that later became coffee shop debates and pub banter..?

The Beatles, or the Stones..?,  Hailwood, or Read..?,  Cliff, or Elvis..?,  Sheene, or Roberts..?, 

Agostini, or..?

No.., the Ago debate never really happened he was a “one off,”  as legions of dour, grim faced British motorcycle racers were eclipsed by Agostini who illuminated the racing world with film star looks, Italian style and a talent that would over run the motorcycling world.

Agostini, the coolest man ever to sit on a motorbike, he was the racer guys showed to their girlfriends to justify their love of biking, and so as to bask in his reflected glory.  He was the man everybody secretly wanted to be...

When we look back over the years, it was inevitable that the coolest racer was always going ride the most beautiful bike ever produced, it was meant to be.  The statistics show that he raced other bikes and won at many famous venues, but Ago, the glorious MV, and the TT will always be the image we have in our minds.

Now in his 70s’ he still commands respect and draws crowds like very few others and is a hero to the modern generation of racers.  Who knows, Rossi may one day be seen in a similar light, but at the moment Valentino would simply count himself as a fan, like the rest of us.

There was Surtees, Hailwood, Duke, Sheene and so many other great racers with similar achievements, but Agostini was unique and back in the 60s’ every kid who liked motorbikes had a poster sellotaped to their bedroom wall. With this charcoal study, I hope to have produced a picture that does justice to our childhood memories, yet looks a little classier on the wall.

Ago, or ?  No, there was just Ago

My thanks to Mortons Archive for giving me the permission to use their photographic reference of the great man as part of my reference for this study.

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